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Jennifer E Iudicello
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Co-morbidities in persons infected with HIV: increased burden with older age and negative effects on health-related quality of life
AT Rodriguez-Penney, JE Iudicello, PK Riggs, K Doyle, RJ Ellis, ...
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Tolcapone improves cognition and cortical information processing in normal human subjects
JA Apud, V Mattay, J Chen, BS Kolachana, JH Callicott, R Rasetti, G Alce, ...
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HIV-associated prospective memory impairment increases risk of dependence in everyday functioning.
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Longer term improvement in neurocognitive functioning and affective distress among methamphetamine users who achieve stable abstinence
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Prospective memory in HIV infection: Is “remembering to remember” a unique predictor of self-reported medication management?
SP Woods, LM Moran, CL Carey, MS Dawson, JE Iudicello, S Gibson, ...
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BDNF Val66Met polymorphism significantly affects d′ in verbal recognition memory at short and long delays
TE Goldberg, J Iudicello, C Russo, B Elvevåg, R Straub, MF Egan, ...
Biological psychology 77 (1), 20-24, 2008
Selective updating of working memory content modulates meso-cortico-striatal activity
VP Murty, F Sambataro, E Radulescu, M Altamura, J Iudicello, B Zoltick, ...
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Drug and Alcohol Dependence, 2012
the HNRC Group.(2008). Cognitive mechanisms of switching in HIV-associated category fluency deficits
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Verbal fluency in HIV infection: a meta-analytic review
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Real-world impact of neurocognitive deficits in acute and early HIV infection
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HIV infection heightens concurrent risk of functional dependence in persons with chronic methamphetamine use
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Combined effects of aging and HIV infection on semantic verbal fluency: a view of the cortical hypothesis through the lens of clustering and switching
JE Iudicello, SP Woods, R Deutsch, I Grant, ...
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HIV-associated prospective memory impairment in the laboratory predicts failures on a semi-naturalistic measure of health care compliance
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Health-related everyday functioning in the internet age: HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders disrupt online pharmacy and health chart navigation skills
SP Woods, JE Iudicello, EE Morgan, MV Cameron, KL Doyle, TV Smith, ...
Archives of Clinical Neuropsychology 31 (2), 176-185, 2016
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