Ulrikke Voss
Ulrikke Voss
Researcher at Lund University
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Nesfatin-1 stimulates glucagon and insulin secretion and beta cell NUCB2 is reduced in human type 2 diabetic subjects
M Riva, MD Nitert, U Voss, R Sathanoori, A Lindqvist, C Ling, N Wierup
Cell and tissue research 346 (3), 393-405, 2011
Enhanced beta cell function and anti-inflammatory effect after chronic treatment with the dipeptidyl peptidase-4 inhibitor vildagliptin in an advanced-aged diet-induced obesity …
BA Omar, J Vikman, MS Winzell, U Voss, E Ekblad, JE Foley, B Ahrén
Diabetologia 56 (8), 1752-1760, 2013
Distribution of melatonin receptors in murine pancreatic islets
CLF Nagorny, R Sathanoori, U Voss, H Mulder, N Wierup
Journal of pineal research 50 (4), 412-417, 2011
Enteric neuropathy can be induced by high fat diet in vivo and palmitic acid exposure in vitro
U Voss, E Sand, B Olde, E Ekblad
PLoS One 8 (12), e81413, 2013
High glucose and free fatty acids induce beta cell apoptosis via autocrine effects of ADP acting on the P2Y 13 receptor
C Tan, U Voss, S Svensson, D Erlinge, B Olde
Purinergic signalling 9 (1), 67-79, 2013
N‐cadherin is dispensable for pancreas development but required for β‐cell granule turnover
JK Johansson, U Voss, G Kesavan, I Kostetskii, N Wierup, GL Radice, ...
Genesis 48 (6), 374-381, 2010
Glucagon-like peptides 1 and 2 and vasoactive intestinal peptide are neuroprotective on cultured and mast cell co-cultured rat myenteric neurons
U Voss, E Sand, PM Hellström, E Ekblad
BMC gastroenterology 12 (1), 1-10, 2012
Enhanced colonic tumorigenesis in alkaline sphingomyelinase (NPP7) knockout mice
Y Chen, P Zhang, SC Xu, L Yang, U Voss, E Ekblad, Y Wu, Y Min, ...
Molecular cancer therapeutics 14 (1), 259-267, 2015
Gonadotropin-releasing hormone analog buserelin causes neuronal loss in rat gastrointestinal tract
E Sand, U Voss, O Hammar, R Alm, GN Fredrikson, B Ohlsson, E Ekblad
Cell and tissue research 351 (3), 521-534, 2013
Galectin-3 causes enteric neuronal loss in mice after left sided permanent middle cerebral artery occlusion, a model of stroke
X Cheng, A Boza-Serrano, MF Turesson, T Deierborg, E Ekblad, U Voss
Scientific reports 6 (1), 1-8, 2016
The enteric nervous system of P2Y13 receptor null mice is resistant against high-fat-diet- and palmitic-acid-induced neuronal loss
U Voss, MF Turesson, B Robaye, JM Boeynaems, B Olde, D Erlinge, ...
Purinergic signalling 10 (3), 455-464, 2014
Lipopolysaccharide-induced loss of cultured rat myenteric neurons-role of AMP-activated protein kinase
U Voss, E Ekblad
PLoS One 9 (12), e114044, 2014
Tuft cells: distribution and connections with nerves and endocrine cells in mouse intestine
X Cheng, U Voss, E Ekblad
Experimental cell research 369 (1), 105-111, 2018
Vitamin D-induced up-regulation of human keratinocyte cathelicidin anti-microbial peptide expression involves retinoid X receptor α
D Svensson, D Nebel, U Voss, E Ekblad, BO Nilsson
Cell and tissue research 366 (2), 353-362, 2016
Lingonberries and their two separated fractions differently alter the gut microbiota, improve metabolic functions, reduce gut inflammatory properties, and improve brain …
N Marungruang, T Kovalenko, I Osadchenko, U Voss, F Huang, ...
Nutritional neuroscience 23 (8), 600-612, 2020
Neuroprotective effects of vitamin D on high fat diet-and palmitic acid-induced enteric neuronal loss in mice
S Larsson, U Voss
BMC gastroenterology 18 (1), 1-11, 2018
A novel serotonin-containing tuft cell subpopulation in mouse intestine
X Cheng, U Voss, E Ekblad
Cell and tissue research 376 (2), 189-197, 2019
The host defense peptide LL‐37 is detected in human parotid and submandibular/sublingual saliva and expressed in glandular neutrophils
D Svensson, A Aidoukovitch, E Anders, B Agerberth, F Andersson, ...
European journal of oral sciences 126 (2), 93-100, 2018
Retinal neuroinflammatory induced neuronal degeneration-role of toll-like receptor-4 and relationship with gliosis
F Ghosh, H Abdshill, K Arnér, U Voss, L Taylor
Experimental eye research 169, 99-110, 2018
Well-being of early-career researchers: Insights from a Swedish survey
C Signoret, E Ng, S Da Silva, A Tack, U Voss, HH Lidö, C Patthey, ...
Higher Education Policy 32 (2), 273-296, 2019
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