James Buban
James Buban
Pohang University of Science and Technology
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High Temperature Ferromagnetism with a Giant Magnetic Moment in Transparent Co-doped S n O 2− δ
SB Ogale, RJ Choudhary, JP Buban, SE Lofland, SR Shinde, SN Kale, ...
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Y Sato, JP Buban, T Mizoguchi, N Shibata, M Yodogawa, T Yamamoto, ...
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High-resolution low-dose scanning transmission electron microscopy
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Sr vacancy segregation by heat treatment at grain boundary
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JP Buban, M Chi, DJ Masiel, JP Bradley, B Jiang, H Stahlberg, ...
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SY Choi, JP Buban, M Nishi, H Kageyama, N Shibata, T Yamamoto, ...
Journal of materials science 41 (9), 2621-2625, 2006
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