Oula Ghannoum
Oula Ghannoum
Associate Professor in Plant Science, Western Sydney University
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The origins of C4 grasslands: Integrating evolutionary and ecosystem science
EJ Edwards, CP Osborne, CAE Strömberg, SA Smith, CG Consortium
Science 328, 587-591, 2010
C4 photosynthesis and water stress
O Ghannoum
Annals of Botany 103 (4), 635-644, 2009
The growth response of C4 plants to rising atmospheric CO2 partial pressure: a reassessment
O Ghannoum, S Caemmerer, LH Ziska, JP Conroy
Plant, Cell & Environment 23 (9), 931-942, 2000
Sensitivity of plants to changing atmospheric CO2 concentration: from the geological past to the next century
PJ Franks, MA Adams, JS Amthor, MM Barbour, JA Berry, DS Ellsworth, ...
New Phytologist 197 (4), 1077-1094, 2013
Faster Rubisco is the key to superior nitrogen-use efficiency in NADP-malic enzyme relative to NAD-malic enzyme C4 grasses
O Ghannoum, JR Evans, WS Chow, TJ Andrews, JP Conroy, ...
Plant Physiology 137 (2), 638-650, 2005
Optimal stomatal behaviour around the world
YS Lin, BE Medlyn, RA Duursma, IC Prentice, H Wang, S Baig, D Eamus, ...
Nature Climate Change 5 (5), 459-464, 2015
Genetic modification of photosynthesis with E. coli genes for trehalose synthesis
TK Pellny, O Ghannoum, JP Conroy, H Schluepmann, S Smeekens, ...
Plant Biotechnology Journal 2 (1), 71-82, 2004
Exposure to preindustrial, current and future atmospheric CO2 and temperature differentially affects growth and photosynthesis in Eucalyptus
O Ghannoum, NG Phillips, JP Conroy, RA Smith, RD Attard, R Woodfield, ...
Global Change Biology 16 (1), 303-319, 2010
Nonstomatal limitations are responsible for drought‐induced photosynthetic inhibition in four C4 grasses
O Ghannoum, JP Conroy, SP Driscoll, MJ Paul, CH Foyer, DW Lawlor
New Phytologist 159 (3), 599-608, 2003
The effect of CO2 enrichment and irradiance on the growth, morphology and gas exchange of a C3 (Panicum laxum) and a C4 (Panicum antidotale) grass
O Ghannoum, S von Caemmerer, EWR Barlow, JP Conroy
Functional Plant Biology 24 (3), 407-407, 1997
Changes in source–sink relations during development influence photosynthetic acclimation of rice to free air CO2 enrichment (FACE)
SP Seneweera, O Ghannoum, JP Conroy, K Ishimaru, M Okada, ...
Functional plant biology 29 (8), 947-955, 2002
Nitrogen and water use efficiency of C4 plants
O Ghannoum, JR Evans, S von Caemmerer
C4 photosynthesis and related CO2 concentrating mechanisms, 129-146, 2011
The effect of drought on plant water use efficiency of nine NAD–ME and nine NADP–ME Australian C4 grasses
O Ghannoum, S von Caemmerer, JP Conroy
Functional Plant Biology 29 (11), 1337-1348, 2002
High temperature acclimation of C4 photosynthesis is linked to changes in photosynthetic biochemistry
SA Dwyer, O Ghannoum, A Nicotra, S Von Caemmerer
Plant, cell & environment 30 (1), 53-66, 2007
Photosynthetic responses of two eucalypts to industrial‐age changes in atmospheric [CO2] and temperature
O Ghannoum, NG Phillips, MA Sears, BA Logan, JD Lewis, JP Conroy, ...
Plant, cell & environment 33 (10), 1671-1681, 2010
Carbon isotope discrimination as a tool to explore C4 photosynthesis
S von Caemmerer, O Ghannoum, JJL Pengelly, AB Cousins
Journal of experimental botany 65 (13), 3459-3470, 2014
The capacity to cope with climate warming declines from temperate to tropical latitudes in two widely distributed Eucalyptus species
JE Drake, MJ Aspinwall, S Pfautsch, PD Rymer, PB Reich, RA Smith, ...
Global change biology 21 (1), 459-472, 2015
Global change impacts on native pastures in south-east Queensland, Australia
SM Howden, GM McKeon, L Walker, JO Carter, JP Conroy, KA Day, ...
Environmental modelling & software 14 (4), 307-316, 1999
Nitrogen deficiency precludes a growth response to CO2 enrichment in C3 and C4 Panicum grasses
O Ghannoum, JP Conroy
Functional Plant Biology 25 (5), 627-636, 1998
Temperature responses of Rubisco from Paniceae grasses provide opportunities for improving C3 photosynthesis
RE Sharwood, O Ghannoum, MV Kapralov, LH Gunn, SM Whitney
Nature Plants 2 (12), 16186, 2016
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