Ricardo Vinuesa
Ricardo Vinuesa
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Aspect ratio effects in turbulent duct flows studied through direct numerical simulation
R Vinuesa, A Noorani, A Lozano-Durán, GKE Khoury, P Schlatter, ...
Journal of Turbulence 15 (10), 677-706, 2014
Direct numerical simulation of the flow around a wing section at moderate Reynolds number
SM Hosseini, R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, A Hanifi, DS Henningson
International Journal of Heat and Fluid Flow 61, 117-128, 2016
Obtaining accurate mean velocity measurements in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers using Pitot tubes
SCC Bailey, M Hultmark, JP Monty, PH Alfredsson, MS Chong, ...
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 715, 642-670, 2013
History effects and near equilibrium in adverse-pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers
A Bobke, R Vinuesa, R Örlü, P Schlatter
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 820, 667-692, 2017
Characterization of the secondary flow in hexagonal ducts
O Marin, R Vinuesa, AV Obabko, P Schlatter
Physics of Fluids 28 (12), 125101, 2016
On determining characteristic length scales in pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers
R Vinuesa, A Bobke, R Örlü, P Schlatter
Physics of fluids 28 (5), 055101, 2016
Direct numerical simulation of the flow around a wall-mounted square cylinder under various inflow conditions
R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, J Malm, C Mavriplis, DS Henningson
Journal of Turbulence 16 (6), 555-587, 2015
Convergence of numerical simulations of turbulent wall-bounded flows and mean cross-flow structure of rectangular ducts
R Vinuesa, C Prus, P Schlatter, HM Nagib
Meccanica 51 (12), 3025-3042, 2016
Experiments and computations of localized pressure gradients with different history effects
R Vinuesa, PH Rozier, P Schlatter, HM Nagib
AIAA journal 52 (2), 368-384, 2014
Enhanced secondary motion of the turbulent flow through a porous square duct
A Samanta, R Vinuesa, I Lashgari, P Schlatter, L Brandt
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 784, 681-693, 2015
New insight into flow development and two dimensionality of turbulent channel flows
R Vinuesa, E Bartrons, D Chiu, KM Dressler, JD Rüedi, Y Suzuki, ...
Experiments in fluids 55 (6), 1759, 2014
Pressure-gradient turbulent boundary layers developing around a wing section
R Vinuesa, SM Hosseini, A Hanifi, DS Henningson, P Schlatter
Flow, turbulence and combustion 99 (3-4), 613-641, 2017
On minimum aspect ratio for duct flow facilities and the role of side walls in generating secondary flows
R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, HM Nagib
Journal of Turbulence 16 (6), 588-606, 2015
On the identification of well-behaved turbulent boundary layers
CS Vila, R Vinuesa, S Discetti, A Ianiro, P Schlatter, R Örlü
Journal of Fluid Mechanics 822, 109-138, 2017
Characterisation of backflow events over a wing section
R Vinuesa, R Örlü, P Schlatter
Journal of Turbulence 18 (2), 170-185, 2017
Role of data uncertainties in identifying the logarithmic region of turbulent boundary layers
R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, HM Nagib
Experiments in fluids 55 (6), 1751, 2014
Synergetic computational and experimental studies of wall-bounded turbulent flows and their two-dimensionality
R Vinuesa
Illinois Institute of Technology, 2013
Assessment of uncertainties in hot-wire anemometry and oil-film interferometry measurements for wall-bounded turbulent flows
S Rezaeiravesh, R Vinuesa, M Liefvendahl, P Schlatter
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 72, 57-73, 2018
Enhancing the accuracy of measurement techniques in high Reynolds number turbulent boundary layers for more representative comparison to their canonical representations
R Vinuesa, HM Nagib
European Journal of Mechanics-B/Fluids 55, 300-312, 2016
Adverse-pressure-gradient effects on turbulent boundary layers: statistics and flow-field organization
CS Vila, R Örlü, R Vinuesa, P Schlatter, A Ianiro, S Discetti
Flow, turbulence and combustion 99 (3-4), 589-612, 2017
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