Wolfgang Bietenholz
Wolfgang Bietenholz
Professor of Physics, UNAM, Mexico
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Citeras av
Flavor blindness and patterns of flavor symmetry breaking in lattice simulations of up, down, and strange quarks
W Bietenholz, V Bornyakov, M Göckeler, R Horsley, WG Lockhart, ...
Physical Review D 84 (5), 054509, 2011
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W Bietenholz, UJ Wiese
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W Bietenholz, A Pochinsky, UJ Wiese
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W Bietenholz
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W Bietenholz, UJ Wiese
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W Bietenholz
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W Bietenholz
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W Bietenholz, F Hofheinz, J Nishimura
Nuclear Physics B-Proceedings Supplements 119, 941-946, 2003
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