Dewang Chen(陈德旺)
Dewang Chen(陈德旺)
Professor, Fuzhou University, College of Mathematics and Computer Science
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Nanoporous Anatase TiO2 Mesocrystals: Additive-Free Synthesis, Remarkable Crystalline-Phase Stability, and Improved Lithium Insertion Behavior
J Ye, W Liu, J Cai, S Chen, X Zhao, H Zhou, L Qi
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Self-assembly of perylene imide molecules into 1D nanostructures: methods, morphologies, and applications
S Chen, P Slattum, C Wang, L Zang
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An ultra-sensitive and rapid response speed graphene pressure sensors for electronic skin and health monitoring
Z Lou, S Chen, L Wang, K Jiang, G Shen
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Self-supported Li 4 Ti 5 O 12 nanosheet arrays for lithium ion batteries with excellent rate capability and ultralong cycle life
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Electronic Structure Tuning in Ni3FeN/r-GO Aerogel toward Bifunctional Electrocatalyst for Overall Water Splitting
Y Gu, S Chen, J Ren, YA Jia, C Chen, S Komarneni, D Yang, X Yao
ACS nano 12 (1), 245-253, 2018
Polymer vesicles: Mechanism, preparation, application, and responsive behavior
Y Zhu, B Yang, S Chen, J Du
Progress in Polymer Science 64, 1-22, 2017
Porous TiO2 nanotubes with spatially separated platinum and CoOx cocatalysts produced by atomic layer deposition for photocatalytic hydrogen production
J Zhang, Z Yu, Z Gao, H Ge, S Zhao, C Chen, S Chen, X Tong, M Wang, ...
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 56 (3), 816-820, 2017
Self-cleaning, broadband and quasi-omnidirectional antireflective structures based on mesocrystalline rutile TiO 2 nanorod arrays
J Cai, J Ye, S Chen, X Zhao, D Zhang, S Chen, Y Ma, S Jin, L Qi
Energy & Environmental Science 5 (6), 7575-7581, 2012
Visible-light-driven selective photocatalytic hydrogenation of cinnamaldehyde over Au/SiC catalysts
CH Hao, XN Guo, YT Pan, S Chen, ZF Jiao, H Yang, XY Guo
Journal of the American Chemical Society 138 (30), 9361-9364, 2016
Prolifera‐Green‐Tide as Sustainable Source for Carbonaceous Aerogels with Hierarchical Pore to Achieve Multiple Energy Storage
J Cui, Y Xi, S Chen, D Li, X She, J Sun, W Han, D Yang, S Guo
Advanced Functional Materials 26 (46), 8487-8495, 2016
Tuning the shell number of multishelled metal oxide hollow fibers for optimized lithium-ion storage
J Sun, C Lv, F Lv, S Chen, D Li, Z Guo, W Han, D Yang, S Guo
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Highly stable supercapacitors with MOF-derived Co 9 S 8/carbon electrodes for high rate electrochemical energy storage
S Zhang, D Li, S Chen, X Yang, X Zhao, Q Zhao, S Komarneni, D Yang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (24), 12453-12461, 2017
Kinetics-controlled growth of aligned mesocrystalline SnO2 nanorod arrays for lithium-ion batteries with superior rate performance
S Chen, M Wang, J Ye, J Cai, Y Ma, H Zhou, L Qi
Nano Research 6 (4), 243-252, 2013
Ultrasensitive and ultraflexible e-skins with dual functionalities for wearable electronics
Z Lou, S Chen, L Wang, R Shi, L Li, K Jiang, D Chen, G Shen
Nano Energy 38, 28-35, 2017
Suppressing Fe–Li Antisite Defects in LiFePO4/Carbon Hybrid Microtube to Enhance the Lithium Ion Storage
Y Zou, S Chen, X Yang, N Ma, Y Xia, D Yang, S Guo
Advanced Energy Materials 6 (24), 1601549, 2016
An Asymmetrical Polymer Vesicle Strategy for Significantly Improving T1 MRI Sensitivity and Cancer-Targeted Drug Delivery
Q Liu, S Chen, J Chen, J Du
Macromolecules 48 (3), 739-749, 2015
Highly Efficient Gas Sensor Using a Hollow SnO2 Microfiber for Triethylamine Detection
Y Zou, S Chen, J Sun, J Liu, Y Che, X Liu, J Zhang, D Yang
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An artificial flexible visual memory system based on an UV‐motivated Memristor
S Chen, Z Lou, D Chen, G Shen
Advanced Materials 30 (7), 1705400, 2018
Mesoporous NiCo2O4 Nanoplates on Three-Dimensional Graphene Foam as an Efficient Electrocatalyst for the Oxygen Reduction Reaction
X Tong, S Chen, C Guo, X Xia, XY Guo
ACS applied materials & interfaces 8 (42), 28274-28282, 2016
Nanoscale engineering of nitrogen-doped carbon nanofiber aerogels for enhanced lithium ion storage
G Ye, X Zhu, S Chen, D Li, Y Yin, Y Lu, S Komarneni, D Yang
Journal of Materials Chemistry A 5 (18), 8247-8254, 2017
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