Rathinakumar Appuswamy
Rathinakumar Appuswamy
Senior Research Scientist, IBM Almaden Research Center
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A million spiking-neuron integrated circuit with a scalable communication network and interface
PA Merolla, JV Arthur, R Alvarez-Icaza, AS Cassidy, J Sawada, ...
Science 345 (6197), 668-673, 2014
Backpropagation for energy-efficient neuromorphic computing
SK Esser, R Appuswamy, P Merolla, JV Arthur, DS Modha
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Learned step size quantization
SK Esser, JL McKinstry, D Bablani, R Appuswamy, DS Modha
arXiv preprint arXiv:1902.08153, 2019
Cognitive computing systems: Algorithms and applications for networks of neurosynaptic cores
SK Esser, A Andreopoulos, R Appuswamy, P Datta, D Barch, A Amir, ...
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TrueNorth: Accelerating from zero to 64 million neurons in 10 years
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Computer 52 (5), 20-29, 2019
Deep neural networks are robust to weight binarization and other non-linear distortions
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Network coding for computing: Cut-set bounds
R Appuswamy, M Franceschetti, N Karamchandani, K Zeger
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Complete mutually orthogonal Golay complementary sets from Reed–Muller codes
A Rathinakumar, AK Chaturvedi
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A new framework for constructing mutually orthogonal complementary sets and ZCZ sequences
R Appuswamy, AK Chaturvedi
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Discovering low-precision networks close to full-precision networks for efficient embedded inference
JL McKinstry, SK Esser, R Appuswamy, D Bablani, JV Arthur, IB Yildiz, ...
arXiv preprint arXiv:1809.04191, 2018
Truenorth ecosystem for brain-inspired computing: scalable systems, software, and applications
J Sawada, F Akopyan, AS Cassidy, B Taba, MV Debole, P Datta, ...
SC'16: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance …, 2016
Real-time scalable cortical computing at 46 giga-synaptic OPS/watt with~ 100× speedup in time-to-solution and~ 100,000× reduction in energy-to-solution
AS Cassidy, R Alvarez-Icaza, F Akopyan, J Sawada, JV Arthur, ...
SC'14: Proceedings of the International Conference for High Performance …, 2014
Mutually orthogonal sets of ZCZ sequences
A Rathinakumar, AK Chaturvedi
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Massively parallel neural inference computing elements
R Appuswamy, JV Arthur, AS Cassidy, P Datta, SK Esser, MD Flickner, ...
US Patent 10,621,489, 2020
Computing linear functions by linear coding over networks
R Appuswamy, M Franceschetti
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Linear codes, target function classes, and network computing capacity
R Appuswamy, M Franceschetti, N Karamchandani, K Zeger
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Time and energy complexity of function computation over networks
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Visual saliency on networks of neurosynaptic cores
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Scheduler for mapping neural networks onto an array of neural cores in an inference processing unit
P Datta, AS Cassidy, MD Flickner, H Penner, R Appuswamy, J Sawada, ...
US Patent App. 16/051,034, 2020
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