Martyn N. Futter
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Are agricultural soils dumps for microplastics of urban origin?
L Nizzetto, M Futter, S Langaas
Environmental science & technology 50 (20), 10777-10779, 2016
Studies of the effects of microplastics on aquatic organisms: what do we know and where should we focus our efforts in the future?
LC De Sá, M Oliveira, F Ribeiro, TL Rocha, MN Futter
Science of the total environment 645, 1029-1039, 2018
A theoretical assessment of microplastic transport in river catchments and their retention by soils and river sediments
L Nizzetto, G Bussi, MN Futter, D Butterfield, PG Whitehead
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 18 (8), 1050-1059, 2016
On the forest cover–water yield debate: from demand‐to supply‐side thinking
D Ellison, M N. Futter, K Bishop
Global change biology 18 (3), 806-820, 2012
Current browning of surface waters will be further promoted by wetter climate
HA De Wit, S Valinia, GA Weyhenmeyer, MN Futter, P Kortelainen, ...
Environmental Science & Technology Letters 3 (12), 430-435, 2016
Pollution: do microplastics spill on to farm soils?
L Nizzetto, S Langaas, M Futter
Nature 537 (7621), 488-488, 2016
A meta-analysis of the effects of nitrogen additions on base cations: implications for plants, soils, and streams
RW Lucas, J Klaminder, MN Futter, KH Bishop, G Egnell, H Laudon, ...
Forest Ecology and Management 262 (2), 95-104, 2011
The Krycklan Catchment Study—A flagship infrastructure for hydrology, biogeochemistry, and climate research in the boreal landscape
H Laudon, I Taberman, A Ågren, M Futter, M Ottosson‐Löfvenius, ...
Water Resources Research 49 (10), 7154-7158, 2013
Transfer and transport of microplastics from biosolids to agricultural soils and the wider environment
J Crossman, RR Hurley, M Futter, L Nizzetto
Science of The Total Environment 724, 138334, 2020
Modeling the mechanisms that control in‐stream dissolved organic carbon dynamics in upland and forested catchments
MN Futter, D Butterfield, BJ Cosby, PJ Dillon, AJ Wade, PG Whitehead
Water Resources Research 43 (2), 2007
Perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAS) in river and ground/drinking water of the Ganges River basin: emissions and implications for human exposure
BM Sharma, GK Bharat, S Tayal, T Larssen, J Bečanová, P Karásková, ...
Environmental pollution 208, 704-713, 2016
Longevity and effectiveness of aluminum addition to reduce sediment phosphorus release and restore lake water quality
BJ Huser, S Egemose, H Harper, M Hupfer, H Jensen, KM Pilgrim, ...
Water research 97, 122-132, 2016
Spatial analysis of ice phenology trends across the Laurentian Great Lakes region during a recent warming period
OP Jensen, BJ Benson, JJ Magnuson, VM Card, MN Futter, PA Soranno, ...
Limnology and Oceanography 52 (5), 2013-2026, 2007
The effect of El Nino-related drought on the recovery of acidified lakes
PJ Dillon, LA Molot, M Futter
Environmental Monitoring and Assessment 46, 105-111, 1997
The Swedish monitoring of surface waters: 50 years of adaptive monitoring
J Fölster, RK Johnson, MN Futter, A Wilander
Ambio 43, 3-18, 2014
Impacts of climate change and socio-economic scenarios on flow and water quality of the Ganges, Brahmaputra and Meghna (GBM) river systems: low flow and flood statistics
PG Whitehead, E Barbour, MN Futter, S Sarkar, H Rodda, J Caesar, ...
Environmental Science: Processes & Impacts 17 (6), 1057-1069, 2015
In-lake measures for phosphorus control: The most feasible and cost-effective solution for long-term management of water quality in urban lakes
BJ Huser, M Futter, JT Lee, M Perniel
Water Research 97, 142-152, 2016
In-lake processes offset increased terrestrial inputs of dissolved organic carbon and color to lakes
SJ Köhler, D Kothawala, MN Futter, O Liungman, L Tranvik
PloS one 8 (8), e70598, 2013
Impacts of climate change on hydrology and water quality: Future proofing management strategies in the Lake Simcoe watershed, Canada
J Crossman, MN Futter, SK Oni, PG Whitehead, L Jin, D Butterfield, ...
Journal of Great Lakes Research 39 (1), 19-32, 2013
Realising the potential of natural water retention measures in catchment flood management: Trade‐offs and matching interests
D Collentine, MN Futter
Journal of Flood Risk Management 11 (1), 76-84, 2018
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