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A congruent solution to arthropod phylogeny: phylogenomics, microRNAs and morphology support monophyletic Mandibulata
O Rota-Stabelli, L Campbell, H Brinkmann, GD Edgecombe, SJ Longhorn, ...
Proceedings of the Royal Society B: Biological Sciences 278 (1703), 298-306, 2011
MicroRNAs and phylogenomics resolve the relationships of Tardigrada and suggest that velvet worms are the sister group of Arthropoda
LI Campbell, O Rota-Stabelli, GD Edgecombe, T Marchioro, SJ Longhorn, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 108 (38), 15920-15924, 2011
Quo vadis venomics? A roadmap to neglected venomous invertebrates
BM Von Reumont, LI Campbell, RA Jenner
Toxins 6 (12), 3488-3551, 2014
A Polychaete’s Powerful Punch: Venom Gland Transcriptomics of Glycera Reveals a Complex Cocktail of Toxin Homologs
BM von Reumont, LI Campbell, S Richter, L Hering, D Sykes, J Hetmank, ...
Genome biology and evolution 6 (9), 2406-2423, 2014
An overview of arthropod genomics, mitogenomics, and the evolutionary origins of the arthropod proteome
D Pisani, R Carton, LI Campbell, WA Akanni, E Mulville, O Rota-Stabelli
Arthropod biology and evolution, 41-61, 2013
Parallel evolution of complex centipede venoms revealed by comparative proteotranscriptomic analyses
RA Jenner, BM von Reumont, LI Campbell, EAB Undheim
Molecular biology and evolution 36 (12), 2748-2763, 2019
Comparative analyses of glycerotoxin expression unveil a novel structural organization of the bloodworm venom system
S Richter, C Helm, FA Meunier, L Hering, LI Campbell, SH Drukewitz, ...
BMC evolutionary biology 17 (1), 64, 2017
The genome of the biting midge Culicoides sonorensis and gene expression analyses of vector competence for bluetongue virus
R Morales-Hojas, M Hinsley, IM Armean, R Silk, LE Harrup, ...
BMC genomics 19 (1), 624, 2018
A cause for consilience: Utilizing multiple genomic data types to resolve problematic nodes within Arthropoda and Ecdysozoa
LI Campbell
National University of Ireland Maynooth, 2012
Parallel evolution of complex centipede venoms.
R Jenner, B von Reumont, L Campbell, E Undheim
Toxicon: official journal of the International Society on Toxinology 177 …, 2020
Phylogenomics and microRNAs congruently resolve the ecdysozoan phylogeny
D Pisani, O Rota Stabelli, L Campbell
Society for Molecuar Biology and Evoluiton Meeting 2012, 2012
Phylogenomics and microRNAs congruently resolve the ecdysozoan phylogeny and provide new insight on the origin and early evolution of Arthropoda
D Pisani, O Rota Stabelli, A Daley, L Campbell
Geological Society of America Meeting 2012, 2012
MicroRNA and phylogenomics congruently resolve the phylogenetic relationships of the Tardigrada within Ecdysozoa.
D Pisani, L Campbell, O Rota Stabelli, T MARCHIORO, S Longhorn, ...
Annual meetings of the Society for the Study of Evolution, the Society of …, 2011
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