Johan Watz
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The role of temperature in the prey capture probability of drift‐feeding juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta)
J Watz, JJ Piccolo
Ecology of Freshwater Fish 20 (3), 393-399, 2011
Day and night drift-feeding by juvenile salmonids at low water temperatures
J Watz, J Piccolo, E Bergman, L Greenberg
Environmental Biology of Fishes 97 (5), 505-513, 2014
Ice cover alters the behavior and stress level of brown trout Salmo trutta
J Watz, E Bergman, O Calles, Å Enefalk, S Gustafsson, A Hagelin, ...
Behavioral Ecology 26 (3), 820–827, 2015
Climbing the ladder: an evaluation of three different anguillid eel climbing substrata and placement of upstream passage solutions at migration barriers
J Watz, PA Nilsson, E Degerman, C Tamario, O Calles
Animal Conservation 22 (5), 452-462, 2019
Effects of ice cover on the diel behaviour and ventilation rate of juvenile brown trout
J Watz, E Bergman, JJ Piccolo, L Greenberg
Freshwater Biology 58 (11), 2325–2332, 2013
Occurrence and habitat use of European eel (Anguilla anguilla) in running waters: lessons for improved monitoring, habitat restoration and stocking
E Degerman, C Tamario, J Watz, PA Nilsson, O Calles
Aquatic Ecology 53 (4), 639-650, 2019
Ice cover affects the growth of a stream-dwelling fish
J Watz, E Bergman, JJ Piccolo, L Greenberg
Oecologia 181 (1), 299-311, 2016
Prey capture rates of two species of salmonids (Salmo trutta and Thymallus thymallus) in an artificial stream: effects of temperature on their functional response
J Watz, E Bergman, J Piccolo, L Greenberg
Marine and Freshwater Behaviour and Physiology 47 (2), 93-99, 2014
Coastal river connectivity and the distribution of ascending juvenile European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.): Implications for conservation strategies regarding fish …
C Tamario, O Calles, J Watz, PA Nilsson, E Degerman
Aquatic Conservation: Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems 29 (4), 612-622, 2019
Temperature‐dependent prey capture efficiency and foraging modes of brown trout Salmo trutta
J Watz, JJ Piccolo, L Greenberg, E Bergman
Journal of Fish Biology 81 (1), 345-350, 2012
Temperature‐dependent competition between juvenile salmonids in small streams
J Watz, Y Otsuki, K Nagatsuka, K Hasegawa, I Koizumi
Freshwater Biology, 2019
Winter sheltering by juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta) – effects of stream wood and an instream ectothermic predator
Å Enefalk, J Watz, L Greenberg, E Bergman
Freshwater Biology 62 (1), 111-118, 2017
Familiarity with a partner facilitates the movement of drift foraging juvenile grayling (Thymallus thymallus) into a new habitat area
PJB Hart, E Bergman, O Calles, S Eriksson, S Gustafsson, L Lans, ...
Environmental Biology of Fishes 97 (5), 515-522, 2014
Future rivers, dams and ecocentrism
J Piccolo, R Durtsche, J Watz, M Österling, O Calles
The Ecological Citizen 2 (2), 173-177, 2019
Wood addition in the hatchery and river environments affects post‐release performance of overwintering brown trout
J Watz, O Calles, N Carlsson, T Collin, A Huusko, J Johnsson, PA Nilsson, ...
Freshwater Biology 64 (1), 71-80, 2019
Stress responses of juvenile brown trout under winter conditions in a laboratory stream
J Watz
Hydrobiologia 802 (1), 131-140, 2017
Substrate‐size choice in European eel (Anguilla anguilla) elvers is not altered by piscivore chemical cues
PA Nilsson, IJ Pettersson, C Tamario, E Degerman, J Elghagen, J Watz, ...
Journal of Fish Biology 96 (6), 1534-1537, 2020
Tracking the movement of PIT-tagged terrestrial slugs (Arion vulgaris) in forest and garden habitats using mobile antennas
D Nyqvist, F Hedenberg, O Calles, M Österling, T von Proschwitz, J Watz
Journal of Molluscan Studies 86 (1), 79-82, 2020
Artificial barriers against arionid slug movement
J Watz, D Nyqvist
Crop Protection, 105525, 2021
Effects of temperature and a piscivorous fish on diel winter behaviour of juvenile brown trout (Salmo trutta)
K Filipsson, E Bergman, M Österling, A Erlandsson, L Greenberg, J Watz
Freshwater Biology 64 (10), 1797-1805, 2019
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