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Lindsey Macpherson
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Noxious compounds activate TRPA1 ion channels through covalent modification of cysteines
LJ Macpherson, AE Dubin, MJ Evans, F Marr, PG Schultz, BF Cravatt, ...
Nature 445 (7127), 541-545, 2007
The pungency of garlic: activation of TRPA1 and TRPV1 in response to allicin
LJ Macpherson, BH Geierstanger, V Viswanath, M Bandell, SR Eid, ...
Current Biology 15 (10), 929-934, 2005
More than cool: promiscuous relationships of menthol and other sensory compounds
LJ Macpherson, SW Hwang, T Miyamoto, AE Dubin, A Patapoutian, ...
Molecular and Cellular Neuroscience 32 (4), 335-343, 2006
An ion channel essential for sensing chemical damage
LJ Macpherson, B Xiao, KY Kwan, MJ Petrus, AE Dubin, SW Hwang, ...
Journal of Neuroscience 27 (42), 11412-11415, 2007
Caenorhabditis elegans TRPA-1 functions in mechanosensation
KS Kindt, V Viswanath, L Macpherson, K Quast, H Hu, A Patapoutian, ...
Nature neuroscience 10 (5), 568-577, 2007
From chills to chilis: mechanisms for thermosensation and chemesthesis via thermoTRPs
M Bandell, LJ Macpherson, A Patapoutian
Current opinion in neurobiology 17 (4), 490-497, 2007
The coding of temperature in the Drosophila brain
M Gallio, TA Ofstad, LJ Macpherson, JW Wang, CS Zuker
Cell 144 (4), 614-624, 2011
Temperature representation in the Drosophila brain
DD Frank, GC Jouandet, PJ Kearney, LJ Macpherson, M Gallio
Nature 519 (7543), 358-361, 2015
Dynamic labelling of neural connections in multiple colours by trans-synaptic fluorescence complementation
LJ Macpherson, EE Zaharieva, PJ Kearney, MH Alpert, TY Lin, Z Turan, ...
Nature communications 6 (1), 1-9, 2015
A hard-wired glutamatergic circuit pools and relays UV signals to mediate spectral preference in Drosophila
T Karuppudurai, TY Lin, CY Ting, R Pursley, KV Melnattur, F Diao, ...
Neuron 81 (3), 603-615, 2014
hnRNP U protein is required for normal pre-mRNA splicing and postnatal heart development and function
J Ye, N Beetz, S O’Keeffe, JC Tapia, L Macpherson, WV Chen, ...
Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences 112 (23), E3020-E3029, 2015
Rewiring the taste system
H Lee, LJ Macpherson, CA Parada, CS Zuker, NJP Ryba
Nature 548 (7667), 330-333, 2017
Channeling pain
A Patapoutian, L Macpherson
Nature medicine 12 (5), 506-507, 2006
Channels: Flies feel your pain
LJ Macpherson, A Patapoutian
Nature Chemical Biology 6 (4), 252, 2010
Feeling the burn: Towards a determination of the molecular mechanisms of activation of TRPA1
LJ Macpherson
The Scripps Research Institute, 2007
Feeling the burn: Towards a determination of the molecular mechanisms of activation of TRPA1
LJ Macpherson
The Scripps Research Institute, 2007
Channeling pain
L Macpherson, A Patapoutian
Nature medicine, 506-507, 2006
C. elegans TRPA-1 Is Required for Mechanosensation
K Kindt, V Viswanath, K Quast, L Macpherson, H Hu, A Patapoutian, ...
Neuronal Development, Synaptic Function, and Behavior Meeting, 2006
Selective Pe-ripheral Taste Dysfunction in APP/PS1 Mutant Transgenic Mice
RM Wood, Z Garcia, N Daniels, SM Landon, S Humayun, H Lee, ...
Journal of Alzheimer's Disease, 1-9, 0
i This Week in The Journal
RD Brinton, TM Hoogland, EF Civillico, B Kuhn, CJ Leonard, YC Chiu, ...
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