David Knights
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Corporate strategy, organizations, and subjectivity: A critique
D Knights, G Morgan
Organization studies 12 (2), 251-273, 1991
Power and subjectivity at work: From degradation to subjugation in social relations
D Knights, H Willmott
Sociology 23 (4), 535-558, 1989
Resistance and power in organizations.
JM Jermier, D Knights, E Nord, Walter R
Taylor & Frances/Routledge, 1994
Managing to discriminate
DL Collinson, D Knights, M Collinson
Routledge, 1990
Management, masculinity and manipulation: From paternalism to corporate strategy in financial services in Britain
D Kerfoot, D Knights
Journal of Management Studies 30 (4), 659-677, 1993
Labour process theory
D Knights, H Willmott
Springer, 2016
Managers divided: Organisation politics and information technology management
D Knights, F Murray
John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1994
Management lives: Power and identity in work organizations
D Knights, H Willmott
Sage, 1999
Changing spaces: The disruptive impact of a new epistemological location for the study of management
D Knights
Academy of Management Review 17 (3), 514-536, 1992
Sex discrimination in UK academia
D Knights, W Richards
Gender, Work & Organization 10 (2), 213-238, 2003
Foucault, power, resistance and all that
D Knights, T Vurdubakis
Routledge, 1994
‘What happens when the phone goes wild?’: staff, stress and spaces for escape in a BPR telephone banking work regime
D Knights, D McCabe
Journal of management Studies 35 (2), 163-194, 1998
Subjectivity, power and the labour process
D Knights
Labour process theory, 297-335, 1990
Chasing shadows: control, virtuality and the production of trust
D Knights, F Noble, T Vurdubakis, H Willmott
Organization studies 22 (2), 311-336, 2001
‘Ain't misbehavin’? Opportunities for resistance under new forms of ‘quality’management
D Knights, D McCabe
Sociology 34 (3), 421-436, 2000
Disciplining the shopfloor: A comparison of the disciplinary effects of managerial psychology and financial accounting
D Knights, D Collinson
Accounting, Organizations and Society 12 (5), 457-477, 1987
Culture, control and competition; towards a conceptual framework for the study of information technology in organizations
R Coombs, D Knights, HC Willmott
Organization studies 13 (1), 051-72, 1992
Between representations and subjectivity: Gender binaries and the politics of organizational transformation
D Knights, D Kerfoot
Gender, Work & Organization 11 (4), 430-454, 2004
Self-esteem and work
EA Locke
Int Rev Ind Org Psychol 11, 1-32, 1996
Managing masculinity in contemporary organizational life: A managerial project
D Kerfoot, D Knights
Organization 5 (1), 7-26, 1998
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