Matthew D. Regan
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Ambient CO2, fish behaviour and altered GABAergic neurotransmission: exploring the mechanism of CO2-altered behaviour by taking a hypercapnia dweller down to low CO2 levels
MD Regan, AJ Turko, J Heras, MK Andersen, S Lefevre, T Wang, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 219 (1), 109-118, 2016
Calorespirometry reveals that goldfish prioritize aerobic metabolism over metabolic rate depression in all but near-anoxic environments
MD Regan, IS Gill, JG Richards
Journal of Experimental Biology 220 (4), 564-572, 2017
Rates of hypoxia induction alter mechanisms of O2 uptake and the critical O2 tension of goldfish
MD Regan, JG Richards
Journal of Experimental Biology 220 (14), 2536-2544, 2017
A simple and affordable calorespirometer for assessing the metabolic rates of fishes
MD Regan, JM Gosline, JG Richards
Journal of Experimental Biology 216 (24), 4507-4513, 2013
The evolution of Root effect hemoglobins in the absence of intracellular pH protection of the red blood cell: insights from primitive fishes
MD Regan, CJ Brauner
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 180 (5), 695-706, 2010
Characterizing the metabolic capacity of the anoxic hagfish heart
TE Gillis, MD Regan, GK Cox, TS Harter, CJ Brauner, JG Richards, ...
Journal of Experimental Biology 218 (23), 3754-3761, 2015
The effect of dietary fish oil and poultry fat replacement with canola oil on swimming performance and metabolic response to hypoxia in stream type spring Chinook salmon parr
MD Regan, LJ Kuchel, SSY Huang, DA Higgs, J Wang, PM Schulte, ...
Aquaculture 308 (3-4), 183-189, 2010
Don't throw the fish out with the respirometry water.
MD Regan, M Mandic, RS Dhillon, GY Lau, AP Farrell, PM Schulte, ...
The Journal of experimental biology 222 (Pt 6), 2019
Can variation among hypoxic environments explain why different fish species use different hypoxic survival strategies?
M Mandic, MD Regan
Journal of Experimental Biology 221 (21), jeb161349, 2018
Synthetic torpor: A method for safely and practically transporting experimental animals aboard spaceflight missions to deep space
Y Griko, MD Regan
Life sciences in space research 16, 101-107, 2018
Metabolic depression and the evolution of hypoxia tolerance in threespine stickleback, Gasterosteus aculeatus
MD Regan, IS Gill, JG Richards
Biology letters 13 (11), 20170392, 2017
Osmoregulatory bicarbonate secretion exploits H+-sensitive haemoglobins to autoregulate intestinal O2 delivery in euryhaline teleosts
CA Cooper, MD Regan, CJ Brauner, ESR De Bastos, RW Wilson
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 184 (7), 865-876, 2014
The transition in hemoglobin proton-binding characteristics within the basal actinopterygian fishes
MD Regan, CJ Brauner
Journal of Comparative Physiology B 180 (4), 521-530, 2010
Biochemical correlates of aggressive behavior in the S iamese fighting fish
MD Regan, RS Dhillon, DPL Toews, B Speers‐Roesch, MA Sackville, ...
Journal of Zoology 297 (2), 99-107, 2015
The utility and determination of Pcrit in fishes
GR Ultsch, MD Regan
Journal of Experimental Biology 222 (22), 2019
Shifts in metabolic fuel use coincide with maximal rates of ventilation and body surface rewarming in an arousing hibernator
MD Regan, E Chiang, SL Martin, WP Porter, FM Assadi-Porter, HV Carey
American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative and Comparative …, 2019
Shallow metabolic depression and human spaceflight: A feasible first step
MD Regan, EE Flynn-Evans, YV Griko, T Kilduff, JC Rittenberger, ...
Journal of Applied Physiology, 2020
Incorporating host-microbe symbioses into organismal responses to environmental change
H Carey, MD Regan, E Chang, G Suen, FM Assadi-Porter
AGU Fall Meeting 2019, 2019
Seasonal Shifts in Gut Microbiota-Mediated Nitrogen Recycling in 13-Lined Ground Squirrels
MD Regan, KM Verdoorn, E Chiang, SR Gugel, FM Assadi-Porter, ...
The FASEB Journal 33 (1_supplement), 725.4-725.4, 2019
Novel metabolome and breath platforms to trace microbiome contribution to host metabolism
FM Assadi-Porter, M Tonelli, MD Regan, HV Carey
The FASEB Journal 33 (1_supplement), 484.2-484.2, 2019
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