Lars Jonung
Lars Jonung
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The future of EMU: what does the history of monetary unions tell us?
MD Bordo, L Jonung
Monetary Unions, 52-79, 2003
Russian currency and finance: a currency board approach to reform
SH Hanke, L Jonung, K Schuler
Routledge, 2005
Makroekonomi: teori, politik och institutioner
K Fregert, L Jonung
Studentlitteratur 3 (2), 188-189, 2010
Knut Wicksell's norm of price stabilization and Swedish monetary policy in the 1930's
L Jonung
Journal of Monetary Economics 5 (4), 459-496, 1979
The long-run behavior of velocity: the institutional approach revisited
MD Bordo, L Jonung
Journal of Policy Modeling 12 (2), 165-197, 1990
The Swedish model for resolving the banking crisis of 1991-93. Seven reasons why it was successful
L Jonung
European Economy-Economic Papers 2008-2015, 2009
The Euro--it Can't Happen, It's a Bad Idea, it Won't Last: US Economists on the EMU, 1989-2002
L Jonung, E Drea
European Commission, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2009
The great financial crisis in Finland and Sweden: the Nordic experience of financial liberalization
L Jonung, J Kiander, P Vartia
Edward Elgar Publishing, 2009
Improving fiscal policy in the EU: the case for independent forecasts
L Jonung, M Larch
European Commission, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2004
Are perceptions of inflation rational? Some evidence for Sweden
L Jonung, D Laidler
The American Economic Review 78 (5), 1080-1087, 1988
Med backspegeln som kompass: om stabiliseringspolitiken som läroprocess: rapport till ESO-Expertgruppen för studier i offentlig ekonomi
L Jonung
Ds: departementsserien, 1999
The rise and fall of the Scandinavian Currency Union 1873–1920
M Bergman, S Gerlach, L Jonung
European Economic Review 37 (2-3), 507-517, 1993
Institutional change and the velocity of money: a century of evidence
MD Bordo, L Jonung, PL Siklos
Economic Inquiry 35 (4), 710-724, 1997
Lessons for EMU from the History of Monetary Unions
MD Bordo, L Jonung
Inst of Economic Affairs, 2000
A return to the convertibility principle? Monetary and fiscal regimes in historical perspective. The international evidence
MD Bordo, L Jonung
SSE/EFI Working Paper Series in Economics and Finance, 2000
Monetary theory and Bretton Woods: the construction of an international monetary order
F Cesarano
Cambridge University Press, 2006
The effect of unemployment, inflation and real income growth on government popularity in Sweden
L Jonung, E Wadensjö
The Scandinavian Journal of Economics, 343-353, 1979
Economic growth and the Swedish model
M Henrekson, L Jonung, J Stymne
Economic growth in Europe since, 240-89, 1945
The stability and growth pact: lessons from the great recession.
M Larch, P Van den Noord, L Jonung
101 proposals to reform the Stability and Growth Pact: Why so many? A Survey
J Fischer, L Jonung, M Larch
European Commission, Directorate-General for Economic and Financial Affairs, 2006
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